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In a fast developing world where convenience and time management is key, Xscada brings solution that integrates your home and industrial events and activities into a device that allows for easy monitoring.
Xscada is an app that provides views to all your connected appliances and helps you monitor and control the events that matters to you.

It's as easy as 1...2...3

Step 1: Choose Your Preferred Smart Controller

Xscada is an app that helps you automate and control your appliances either at home or at work by linking all to your smart device.



Step 2: Choose the events to control

Carefully select your appliances to be smartly controlled by Xscada

Xscada Smart Home Controller

Imagine setting affectionate mood at home, create that desired atmosphere by setting the lightening, or are you bout to sleep and not sure if doors are locked ... With Xscada your worries are eliminated.

Xscada Industrial Tool Monitoring

Xscada helps you automate and control your appliances at work by connecting your smart devices all into an app, so you can manage them centrally just with clicks.

Step 3: Connect to the platform

Register freely with Xscada to join the forum of satisfied clients on our web or mobile app platforms